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Friends List Wipe. [12 Jul 2004|04:26pm]
I cleared off my friends list, excluding those whose journals I read but don't talk to regularly, thus I doubt that I would be added back.

If you want to be added back on, comment.
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friends cleanup. [02 Jun 2004|06:59am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

That, when you think about it, I really didn't clean up much. I just took off people who's journals were cluttering my friends list. Anyway, here's who's gone and why.

greenwitch -- I read your journal only sometimes, and we don't really talk much. I don't think we were ever close friends; I just remember you from that RPG-thing I kinda joined. ^^;

hurtmehelpme -- You don't post much and we don't talk.

morbidelirium -- We don't talk anymore, I stopped reading your journal. I don't know, I think we stopped being friends a long time ago.

simplylaura -- I don't read your journal either, nor do we talk.

vastdays -- Um... I don't like VAST enough to have annoucements for shows I don't go to and CDs I don't buy on my LJ. xD

veggie -- Heh, I used to read your journal for amusement, but then you stopped posting for a bit and I stopped reading and I haven't started again. I doubt you'll notice this. xD

So, that's that. Anyone else who's on my friends list are very close friends, or the journals of people I read often but don't talk to, or communities that I watch, etc. etc. Most of the reasons I took people off is because we don't talk; if you ask to be added back, I doubt that'll change anyway, and I'll just end up doing this again.

Jeez, I keep doing this, I'll have like three people on my list. ::snerk::

this journal is friends only [03 May 2003|09:55pm]

friends only

comment and i'll probably add you back. if i like you.
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